Serpent Seed-Offspring In The Bible Codes
By Sherry Shriner

Genesis 1:7


I've read where people on the internet claim I get my beliefs from the Bible Codes, and that isn't true. The Bible Codes merely confirm my beliefs. The things the Lord has shown and taught me and then confirmed in the Bible Codes for me some several years later.  I just looked in the codes for the Serpent Seed in 2006,  it was in 2004 when the Lord revealed to me the truth about the wheat and the tares, and the Serpent Seedline on earth. There are many layers to the Torah and the truths of His Word.


Cain - Eve


Cain - Hallel - Eve - Satan - Mother - Father - Parent(s)

Hallel is just another name for Satan


Satan - Eve - Sexual - Wedded - Hallel


Apple - Allegory

Angelic - Tree - Sexual - Trees are often symbolic for people or angels. In this instance the tree is Satan in an angelic and handsome form. The whole 'apple' story is an allegory or tale that covers up the actual sexual encounter that happened.


Penetrated - Apple - again, apple is a figurative term, the apple story is an allegory/parable/tale to symbolize the sexual encounter that took place in the Garden of Eden between Eve and Satan.

Vagina - Seducement - Seduction - Eve - I think this speaks for itself. Lucifer-Satan seduced Eve in a sexual encounter.


Serpent - Sperm - Seed - Cain - Goat - Giant - Titan - Cain is of the Serpent's sperm. He was a goat (figurative goats vs. sheep) and a Giant, in other words a very tall being such as the Annunaki. He was a hybrid, half human half serpent seed. The offspring of Satan and the fallen angels with human women resulted in GIANTS.


Most believers today have no idea the persecution and attacks Yah's REAL believers who aren't just pew sitters endure on a daily basis who choose to STAND UP for the Lord and Defend HIM against the Heresies and Blasphemies being spoken in the churches today. Do church pastors attack us? No..the GOVERNMENT does. In many ways. Stalking, harassment, unemployment, homelesseness, high level Tech Weapons, and many, many ways they have and use to try and destroy God's warriors and those who stand for Him.

Pew sitters aren't a threat to Satan. If they're in his churches he already has them under control with strong delusion, lies, errors, and false doctrines taught to them by their ministers and pastors who graduated from Satan's truth-controlled seminaries.

Those who dare think for themselves and seek the Lord Himself for the Truth In All Things are the real threats to Satan and his kingdom on earth:

Sherry - Shriner - Bravery - Darling - Ohio - Queen



    So why won't the churches come clean and face the truth of what really happened in the Garden of Eden? Why, after 2000 years do they insist on covering it up? The people of Yahushuah's day when He walked the earth were very familiar with the whole encounter and the true and real history of mankind and Israel in particular who had to go to war against many of the cities of the giants to reclaim the land of Israel when they left Egypt.

    Yahushuah Himself gave several teachings of the wheat and the tares, goat and sheep, synogogue of Satan, infiltrators of serpent seed (Scribes and Pharisees) into the tribes of Israel.

    It wasn't a big secret, Yahushuah and the apostles declared Cain was of the wicked one, the offspring of Satan. They don't teach it in today's Satan-controlled seminaries because it's Satan's offspring that run the seminaries and they don't want these truths revealed!

   Why? So that today's Christians continue in the deceptions they've been in for the most of  2000 years and what their true history is, so they don't recognize they are being led and fed by many of Satan's prophets in the churches today who will condition them to accept the coming Antichrist as God!

     The Apple was FIGURATIVE...the snake was a PERSON not a literal snake...the FRUIT was SEX. The entire story was symbolism and allegorical for a sexual encounter that took place.




copyright 2007 - Sherry Shriner